Update: The subway warning strike was not legal, Bucharest Court rules. Trade unionists vow to start general strike on Wednesday

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The Bucharest Court has ruled that the warning strike triggered by the Subway Free Trade Union (USLM) on November 15 was not legal.

The decision comes in the context in which the subway workers had scheduled a general strike on Wednesday, during 4:00h to 16:00h.

According to the court, the USLM did not observe the law of social dialogue.

The court “finds the illegality of declaring and triggering the warning strike on November 15, 2018, in the interval 4.00h-6.00h at the level of Metrorex SA”.

The Metrorex management says it is willing to continue the negotiations under the Social Dialogue Law and calls on its employees to consider that ensuring the passengers’ transport on time and safely is the priority.

The USLM General Council rejected Metrorex’s wage growth offer and decided to continue the labour conflict. The trade unionists demand a 42% wage increase.

However, the decision made by the Bucharest Court seems not to impress the USLM trade unionists, who want to start the scheduled general strike on Wednesday, during 4.00h-16.00h, on unlimited period.

One of the trade unionists representatives, adviser Florin Crisu, has said on Monday, after the court’s decision, that the general strike will go on, digi24.ro informs.

“Scheduled for Wednesday, the general strike will take place. It’s not written that if the warning strike was not legal, it has to be resumed and we cannot stage general strike. The only option to change our position is related to the negotiations with Metrorex, but there is no sign something will happen, no negotiations are taking place,” Crisu said.

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