Update: The three Romanians missing in Caribbean island hit by hurricane Irma are alive and well

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Three Romanians were announced as gone missing after Hurricane Irma has hit the Caribbean islands. Reportedly they were on the St. Martin Island, and their relatives could not get in touch with them, digi24.ro informs.

The same source has announced later on Thursday that a message posted on Facebook by one of the three men, confirms that the three are alive and well.

The Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) has announced it is taking steps to get information in regard to the Romanian citizens missing.

“MAE is closely watching the case of the three Romanian citizens on the St. Martin Island, who cannot be contacted. The Romanian embassy in Washington has made steps upon the St. Martin authorities in order to check the situation. The Romanian embassies in Paris and Hague have made steps upon the French and Dutch authorities to get information regarding the Romanian citizens in the affected area,” the MAE release reads.

Earlier on Thursday, the wife of one of the men announced as gone missing said for digi24.ro: “There are three Romanians, my husband and two Romanians working there we can’t get in touch with them at all. I know there was the hurricane, I’ve gone through one before. I live in the region for years, now it is an unpleasant feeling,” Ioana Beclean said for digi24.ro.

“The last time I spoke by phone with my husband was about 13.00h. During such events the water, electricity are cut to avoid other disasters, however the telephone lines were working. When I spoke with him at 1.00h they were getting ready for the eye of the hurricane,” the Romanian woman said

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