Update: Two more victims of flu epidemics, death toll climbs to 89

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The death toll caused by the influenza virus has reached 89, the National Institute for Public Health (INSP) has announced on Wednesday, after a 51-year-old man and a 94-year-old have passed away due to flu.

On February 3, the death of a 94-year-old woman in Bucharest, confirmed with influenza virus type A, subtype H3, was recorded. The victim also suffered from other diseases.

Another 51-year-old man from Prahova County died of influenza virus type A, subtype H1. The victim had no pre-existing medical conditions, and the death was recorded on February 5, according to INSP.

On Tuesday, the flu death toll was 82, as two women and a child have died of influenza.

Giurgiu County died on February 1, and tests confirmed she was infected with the type A flu virus. The old woman had other diseases and had not been vaccinated against flu.

On Monday, February 4, another 83-year-old woman from Prahova and a 2-year-old child from Covasna have been confirmed with flu. They both have died, they had pre-existing medical problems and were not vaccinated against flu.

Health ministry declared flu epidemic last week.

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