Update 2: Two people injured in Bucharest after the Code Yellow for high winds. 146 trees fallen down. Constanta ports closed, snow storm in Bucegi Mountains

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Update: Two people were injured after the code yellow alert for high winds on Tuesday, which played havoc in Bucharest. The wind also put down 146 trees in the Capital and 85 cars were damaged. The two injured persons were taken to the hospital after the trees fell down on their cars.

Rainfall and strong winds have affected the Capital and 11 other counties in the past 24 hours.


The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) has issued Tuesday morning new nowcasting warnings for strong winds in the counties of Constanta, Tulcea and Mures, as well as for Buzau, Vraila, Ilfov, Ialomita, Prahova and Bucharest, in force until 14.00h.

Wind is expected to reach 55-75 km/h and rainfall is likely to continue.

In Bucharest, due to the heavy rain, the traffic was difficult on several important roads: Soseaua Colentina, Tei Blvd., as others were blocked. Later in the day, the rainfall and strong wind put down six trees which destroyed five cars, while a billboard fell down from a block of flats.

Several ports at the Black sea have been closed: Constanţa Nord, Constanţa Sud and Midia. The only port still open is Mangalia, the Police Inspectorate informs.

The bad weather made the first victim. A cyclist from Timis county died on Tuesday after losing his balance and falling down from his bicycle in front of a car he was trying to cut out. The 53-year-old ciclyst was thrown in a ditch and died on the spot.

On the other hand, according to realitatea.net, a snowstorm last night has led to a snow layer in Bucegi Mountains of 10 cm, and due to snow blizzards in some places the snow layer is half metre high. Mountain rescuer Claudiu Vasilescu has warned the tourists not to go on mountain tours. “The snow storm is still blowing, no one can do mountain hikes on such weather conditions,” Vasilescu said.

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