Update: Two Romanians injured in the terror Westminster Bridge attack. At least four people dead, 40 wounded

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IS claims responsibility for the attack. British PM Theresa May sends “her deepest regrets” to President Iohannis over the two injured Romanians.

Two Romanians were injured in the terror attack in London on Wednesday afternoon. At least four people were killed, the attacker included, and another 40 injured in the terrorist incident near Parliament in central London. A police officer has died after being stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament, while three other people have died and at least 40 others were injured after the attacker drove into them in a car on Westminster Bridge. The alleged assailant was shot and killed by armed police.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Westminster terror attack on Thursday.

According to the Romanian Foreign Ministry, the latest information pointed to two Romanian-born citizens being injured in the incident. “They were taken to the hospitals in the area to receive medical aid,” reads a MAE press release. One of them is in serious condition, while the other was slightly injured, being already discharged.

According to the Romanian ambassador in London, Dan Mihalache, the two Romanians were tourists, a young couple from Constanta, aged 31 and 22. They were walking on the Westminster Bridge when the attacker hit the crowd.

The woman, who is in critical condition, was practically thrown away from the bridge in the Thames. The man has a leg fracture. The two were to celebrate the man’s birthday and they also had marriage intentions.

At this hour, the woman is in critical condition. She has undergone a brain surgery last night to remove a cruor. She survived the intervention, she has multiple injuries and particularly she has a problem related to the lung functioning. She has been relocated to another hospital after the surgery, at St Bartolomeums, to have more lung tests (….) Her boyfriend has no such problems, only  a foot fracture and is out of danger,” the Romanian ambassador told Mediafax.

The Romanian Foreign ministry informs that Romanians citizens can ask for consular assistance at Romania’s Embassy in the UK at the following phone numbers: +44 20 76027328; +44 20 76029833​; +44 20 76036694​; +44 20 76025193.

The Gendarmerie in Bucharest supplemented protection forces at the UK Embassy to Romania.

Witnesses saw a car drive across Westminster Bridge and hit a number of pedestrians walking on the pavement.These included three police officers who were walking across the bridge on their way back from a commendation ceremony. A group of French schoolchildren were also on the bridge and three were injured in the incident.

British PM Theresa May said on Thursday that the attacker was born in UK and had been investigated by MI5 in the past, adding though that he has been considered “a periferic figure”.

Klaus Iohannis-Theresa May phone talk

President Klaus Iohannis had a phone talk with the British PM Theresa May on Thursday, as the Romanian presidential administration informed. The UK official sent “her deepest regrets for the Romanians’ injury”, while expressing hope that their condition will improve.

The Romanian President “firmly condemned the terror attack in London, near the Parliament, which is the symbol of the British democracy, while voicing Romania’s full solidarity with the United Kingdom”. President Iohannis delivered Romania’s and his condolences to the victims’ families and hoped the injured would make a speedy recovery. At the same time during the phone conversation, Iohannis reminded the UK premier of the initiative jointly launched by Romania and Spain to set up an international Court against terrorism.

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