Update: Two teenagers die in avalanche, one of them Dor Geta Popescu –mountain climber legend. Prosecutors open investigation

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Dor Geta Popescu, 13, mountain climber legend for Romania, having eight world and European records, has died on Saturday during an avalanche in Fagaras Mountains, together with another teenager, Erik Gulacsi, 12, also records holder.

Mountain rescuers recuperated their bodies on Sunday. The forensic doctors were to recover them in Carlnic area and investigate the circumstances of the death, according to the procedures.

Dor Geta Popescu and Erik Gulacsi had to abandon climbing on Saturday due to unfavourable weather conditions on Saturday. All tourists in the avalanche area were taken to Gentiana Refuge and are safe, digi24.ro informs.

In Fagaras Mountains the layer of snow is deeper than one metre and wind was blowing by about 100 km/h. The mountain saviours say the mountain climbers were hit by rocks and snow during the avalanche. The two teenagers were accompanied by their fathers.

The five injured individuals are to be helped by the mountain rescuers to reach the Carnic area to be taken over by the ambulances in Hunedoara.

Dor Geta Popescu holds eight world records and a European record, the first one being registered when she was 10, when she became the youngest mountain climber in the world to have reached the peak of Ararat Mountain (5,137 metres).

Dor Geta Popescu set several world records for her age. She managed to conquer six peaks of the Seven Volcanos circuit (the highest volcanoes on each continent) and escalated four in those seven highest mountains on each continent in the Seven Summits circuit.

The teenage girl wanted to be the first female alpinist in the world who succeeds in ending the Seven Volcanos and Seven Summits circuits. Only eight men scored this performance. Dor Geta Popescu set her first world record when she was ten in August 2013, becoming the youngest female alpinist in the world who reached the Ararat Peak (5,137m). Until then, the record belonged to her older sister, Crina Coco Popescu, who managed to escalate this peak in 2007, when she was 12 years and a half.

In December 2016, the 13-year-old alpinist Dor Geta Popescu set a new world record after climbing the Giluwe Peak, the highest volcano in the Pacific Ocean, at 4,367 metres altitude.

Prosecutors open investigation

Prosecutors have opened a criminal file for manslaughter in the case of the two dead teenagers in Retezat Mountains. The file is opened in ‘rem’, i.e. investigations to focus on the deeds and not on persons.

Police are investigating the events together with the prosecutors upon the Hateg Court House, Laura Bratu, spokeswoman with Hunedoara Police Inspectorate said. The investigation started Saturday evening.

Geta’s father injured, admitted in hospital

Dor Geta Popescu’s father, 54-year-old Ovidiu Popescu, who was with his daughter on the mountain when the avalanche occurred, is now admitted to the Hunedoara City Hospital with multiple injuries. He is the only person who is still admitted in hospital in the group of five people who survived the avalanche.

President of Climbing Committee: There are no words for this

“I don’t think there are any words (to be said) and I am not even trying to find them,” said Zsolt Torok, president of the Climbing Committee within the Romanian Climbing Federation.

I don’t think there are any words (to be said) and I am not even trying to find them. I only think at the little girl who was smiling on stage. The first and last climbing gala for her. I didn’t know the boy (Erik Gulacsi) and thus I am involuntarily tempted to think at Geta. I cannot believe it, I don’t want to. We found out this news this morning and we are shocked,” Torok posted on Facebook.


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