Update: Woman gendarme, beaten during Friday night protests, will not be released on Monday

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The woman gendarme, beaten by a group of violent people during Friday night protests, will not be discharged from the hospital on Monday, the doctors with the Floreasca Hospital inform.

She and her colleague were beaten on Friday night by several protesters, while others were trying to protect them. They both remain in hospital for the time being, as fresh tests are needed and they complain of headaches.

“Due to these issues for both of them, headaches, we will conduct more tests, including a CT and find out what the situation is,” Floreasca Hospital spokesman, Bogdan Oprita, said on Monday.

The 23-year-old woman gendarme has a cranium-cerebral trauma, one in the cervical area, hematoma on the face and thorax-abdominal contusions.

The man gendarme also remains hospitalized at Floreasca Hospital. The man complains of headache and will remain under the close supervision of doctors.

At the University Hospital four injured people Friday night are hospitalized. Three of them are in the plastic surgery department and one in general surgery.

452 people were injured overall (24 gendarmes) during the rally Friday night, with 70 of them being hospitalized.

Two gendarmes have been beaten and their weapons stolen. The Interior Minister is conducting checks in this matter. One of the gendarmes was the 23-year-old woman who was brutally beaten by several instigators. Most of the protesters have prompted in to help the two gendarmes and made a shield around them until they took the gendarmes to their colleagues. The woman gendarme was admitted to the Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest.

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