Update2: Attacker arrested after killing man, wounded five persons, says silver icon told him to be violent


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Update: The 33-year-old man who killed a man and injured five other people was caught by Police during the night of Wednesday to Thursday, after 18 hours of searches. He was driving a car in Bichigi locality, Timis County.

The man said he has taken drugs, and preliminary tests showed he took cocaine and cannabis.

Ionel Boldea was taken to the Municipal Hospital in Timişoara to give biological samples, digi24.ro reports.

The policemen caught Ionel Bordea Thursday morning at 2:00h. The man did not resist and was arrested without the use of weapons.

He was handcuffed and taken to the Faget Police Headquarters for hearings.

Shortly after he was handcuffed, he told the policemen that a silver icon told him to get out of the house and gave him power to break a woman’s head with his leg. After committing the deeds, the attacker hid in a tree. Then he wanted to go home to take a shower, drove a car and soon he was caught.


The information about the attacks in Timis County has changed dramatically. Timis Police representatives say a man from Faget, Timis County (western Romania) attacked the victims on Wednesday with a club, not with a knife. A man has died and five people have been injured, being beaten with a club, a sixth person being hit by the car driven by the attacker, Ionel Boldea, realitatea.net informs.

Boldea, 33, went by bike to the park in Faget locality and suddenly he attacked a man and a woman, man and wife, who were jogging. He hit them with the fists and legs and with a club. Following the kicks, the man died and the woman was seriously injured, being transported in coma at the hospital.

Police say the man left on the bike with which he came to the park and went to Temeresti locality. On the way, the man met two persons in a tractor, a man and a woman, attacked them and beat them. Then he met a woman in crutches and beat her too.

In Temeresti he stole a car, but when driving out of the courtyard he hit a man.

A doctor with the Emergency Section of the Timisoara Hospital said on Wednesday that 3 of the victims, all of them beaten with a club, have arrived at the medical unit. Among them the wife of the man killed in Faget, brought in coma by a SMURD helicopter.

“All three victims have been beaten with a club, they were not stabbed,” the doctor said.

For the time being, it remains unknown why the man had such an aggressive behavior, he could have consumed drugs or alcohol.

The first reports red that a young man was killed and his wife seriously wounded, after being stabbed in a park in Faget. The attacker ran away to a nearby locality, where he attacked another two persons and hit a third by car, tion.ro reports.

The attack took place at about 8.00h, when Policemen were informed about an injured person, but when arriving at the site, they allegedly found a dead person and another one seriously wounded.

The stolen car is said to have been found abandoned on the road connecting Temeresti to Birchis.

The attacker is Ionel Boldea, 32, from Bichigi, Timis County. He is also known under the nickname of ‘Arega’.

Sources quoted by ziare.com say he is recidivist and had been accused in the past of violence, but was sanctioned only by criminal fines.

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