Update2: Fake Italian physician performed dozens of operations in Romania. Public Health Directorate admits issuing the seal. Monza Romania Hospital reacts

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Health Minister Sorina Pintea has announced on Tuesday that a fake Italian physician was tracked in Romania, who performed surgery in several private clinics without having the right of free practice, only a seal.

The minister said it is not known how he has been employed without having the right of free practice, realitatea.net informs.

“I learned about this case from the press. The Health Ministry analysed the documents, sent through an attorney. As he did not have all the documents he did not receive the positive notification, meaning the equivalence of the diploma. I do not know how many people have been operated by him,” Sorina Pintea said.

The Public Health Directorate (DSP) has announced later on Tuesday that the seal for the Italian fake surgeon was issued on March 23, 2018 by the Office of Informatics and Medical Biostatistics, stating that an internal investigation was started to verify the way it was issued.

The Physicians Collegium has reacted on the case of alleged Italian doctor. The institution says it did not issue any document giving him the right of free practice in Romania.

“After checking the data base from the territorial collegiums, we communicate that Politi Matteo and Mathew Mode are not members of the Physicians Collegium in Romania and no temporary practice approval has been issued. We notice the vigilance of the Physicians Collegium in Bucharest and we support the legal steps on the possible case of unjustly exercising the profession of doctor and noticed the criminal investigation bodies. One of the conditions a physician has to meet in order to practice medicine in Romania is to get the membership of the Physicians Collegium, or the notification of temporary practice as medic, both of them issued by the Physicians Collegium in Romania,” the collegium informs in a press release.

In turn, health Minister Sorina Pintea said a physician employed by public or private hospitals needs certificate of free practice, the equivalence of the diploma. This means he was illegally allowed to perform surgery, she added. “Those who hired him made it illegally,” Pintea said.

The Italian press reported about Matteo Politi’s case in 2019. He was sentenced to one year and a half, suspended sentence, after years of pretending he was a doctor. He used the name of a renowned cardiologist in Modena: Luigi Vincenzo Politi, the same source reports.

According to capital.ro, Politi performed surgey in four private clinics: Euromedical, Prestige, MH Medical Group and Monza. He pretended he was a plastic surgeon.

Monza Romania Hospital reacts

Monza Hospital Group has reacted to the scandal regarding the Italian fake physician, who in fact graduated only 8 grades and has performed surgery in Romania.

The hospital says Mathew Mode (Matteo Politi) operated only once on one patient, then the collaboration ended. The company says it is an injured party in this case and has initiated the judicial procedures against Matteo Politi, digi24.ro informs.

In a release, the company informs that Politi requested collaboration with Monza Group in December 2018 for surgery on one of his patients. He submitted the documents, including the physician’s seal issued by the Public Health Directorate. The release underlines no other patient of the Monza Group has been consulted or operated by Matteo Politi.

photo: realitatea.net

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