Update2: One of the miners injured in Uricani coalmine explosion has died. Was he killed by infections in the hospital? Health Minister requests checks

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One of the miners injured in Uricani coalmine explosion on October 30, the second one, has died Thursday morning, at 5.30h, at the Hospital for Burns in Bucharest.

“He died this morning at 5.30h. He was the most seriously injured one, with burns on 40% of his body, with the respiratory tract affected. The other miner is getting better, tomorrow he will leave the hospital,” Director of the Hospital for Burns, Cristian Nitescu, said.

Vasile Barbu, the president of the National Patient Protection Association, claims that the miner who died this morning allegedly was killed by the infections in the Hospital for Burns in Bucharest, digi24.ro informs.

The patient’s record clearly shows that he had two Klebsiella and Pioceanic infections, extremely dangerous germs that are most often found in hospitals.

Vasile Barbu claims that the Pioceanic infection has reached the miner’s body in the tub in which he had been washed.

Barbu says the hospital should be closed down immediately. “Two years after Colectiv we boasted that this hospital has a brand new intensive care unit, updated, to protect the patient and the staff, but this section is full of dangerous bacteria. Furthermore, the medical procedures are absolutely criminal. The patients are bathed in the same old bath tub, which has the same single use cover. That cover cannot be disinfected by any kind of procedure. The head of the intensive care unit, Adrian Stanculea, this guy has adventured with a man who had chances to survive, his burns were not too deep, but he succeeded to infect him with a very dangerous bacteria and, consequently, to kill him. This guy should be immediately removed from that hospital. We saw him carrying supplies out of the hospital,” Barbu said, according to digi24.ro.

Health Minister requests checks at the Hospital for Burns

Health Minister Florian Bodog has ordered on Thursday that the Sanitary Inspectorate should conduct controls at the Clinical Emergency Hospital for Plastic Surgery, Repairs and Burns in Bucharest after the media reported that one of the miners injured in the Uricani explosion reportedly has died due to in-hospital infections, the Health Ministry informs in a release.

The control team will file a report to the Health Ministry.


One miner died on the site and three were injured on October 30 following an accident at Uricani coalmine, due to an explosion. Three of the miners were injured, one was missing in the early hours. After the collapse, 11 out the 14 miners managed to get out.

The three injured miners were brought to Bucharest by helicopter, two of them to the Hospital for Burns and one at Floreasca Emergency Hospital.

The miner hospitalised at Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest died on October 7.

Alin Baran has died this morning.

On October 30, the miners were conducting works at a depth of 450 metres and in the area was no electric power for a long time, in an airway gallery, Uricani Mayor Danut Buhaiescu said after the explosion. Trade union leader Laszlo Domokos said that most likely the explosion occurred due to a methane underground ignition.

During the investigation in November, cigarette butts were found at the site of the explosion, raising questions regarding the cause of the explosion.

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