Update2: Protests at Craiova and Bucharest hospitals. Minister Pintea says law can’t be changed, after talks with FinMin

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Hundreds of employees of the County Emergency Hospital in Craiova have interrupted work and are staging protests Monday morning in the medical unit’s courtyard, saying that their cash bonuses have been reduced by up to 50%, hotnews.ro informs.

Health Minister, Sorina Pintea, has had a discussion with Finance Minister, Eugen Teodorovici, saying after the meeting that no changes can be done to the law, as the state budget can’t be any larger, it is the managers’ job to find ways to deal with the money situation.

Approximately 450 doctors and nurses with the Craiova Emergency Clinical Hospital were on a spontaneous protest. One of the trade union leaders at Craiova Hospital, Doctor Eleodor Cârstoiu, said that the earnings of all employees have decreased since February.

Hospital employees are also dissatisfied by the fact that no one in the hospital management has come to talk to them.

“Tomorrow we have an organized protest, but the employees had no more patience. I was approached here by them, I could not get into the hospital. The medical act is not affected. 30% of the staff is in the wards. 400-500 people are taking part to the protest. We expect someone from the management to give us some explanations. So far no one has come,” Cârstoiu said.

The protest started at around 8.00h, when about 200 employees, mostly nurses, went out in the hospital yard, dissatisfied by the 20-50% cut in cash bonuses.

According to Digi 24 TV, a spontaneous protest is also taking place at Bagdasar Arseni Hospital in Bucharest, where several dozen people have gone out into the yard and protest against lower earnings.

Some employees of the “Bagdasar Arseni” Hospital protested on Friday, claiming that they have lost up to RON 1,700 after the cut in cash bonuses. The most affected are the nurses, who say that they have lower earnings by RON 1,000 and RON 1,700, following the enforcement of the new wage law and the new regulation on bonuses.

Recently, several protests took place in several hospitals in Bucharest – the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumology, the Matei Bals National Institute of Infectious Diseases and the C. C. Iliescu Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases at Fundeni Hospital.

Health Minister talks to FinMin, summons managers for talks

Health Minister, Sorina Pintea, has had talks Monday morning with Finance Minister, Eugen Teodorovici, to discuss issues related to the health system and the unitary wage law.

“Together with Mr Teodorovici we talked about several issues, not only wages,” Pintea said, ziare.co reports.

“In regard to wages, the conclusions are that changes cannot be done, as the state budget can;t be larger, it’s the managers’ task to deal with the issue. I’ve checked the granting of cash bonuses, the percentages, the calsulations. Many of the problems have been solved, it is about sharing the bonuses. (…) We, as Health Ministry, enforce the law in order to meet a certain percentage. The budget is very clear, we have the wage increases and the threshold of 30% for cash bonuses. This is the way it is going to be. The managers have to do their jobs,” Minister Pintea said.

On the other hand, Sorina Pintea has summoned the hospital managers where the protests take place, to talks on the issue of decreased cash bonuses.

“I’ve summoned the managers to have some talks, I’ve already discussed with the manager of Bagdasar Arseni Hospital and we have reviewed the granting of cash bonuses. I don’t believe other problems will occur. We are enforcing a law and some problems have appeared, we are trying to offset them,” minister Pintea had told Digi24 TV Monday morning.

She added that it is about the correct interpretation of the law and about the way hospital managers have to deal with the funds.

Health Minister Sorina Pintea announced on Friday, at the end of new negotiations with the health trade unionists, that she would issue a decision requesting the hospitals to provide incentives to employees who will register lower earnings in March so that the losses are offset. Pintea said that about 10 percent of healthcare employees will register lower wage earnings this month.


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