Update2: Snowfall, wind and cold in Bucharest, other 16 counties until Friday. Flight and train delays, car accidents, trucks blocked in the snow

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The meteorologists have issued a warning on Tuesday for extreme cold countrywide until Friday morning. The Capital and other 16 counties will be under code yellow alert for strong wind, snowfall and blizzard.

The counties targeted by the bad weather warning are Prahova, Dâmboviţa, Argeş, Vâlcea, Dolj, Vrancea, Galaţi, Buzău, Brăila, Tulcea, Ialomiţa, Constanţa, Călăraşi, Giurgiu, Teleorman and Olt.

Snowfall will prevail in the southern and southeastern regions, with a new, consistent snow pack laying down. Ice will be also in store in some areas, mostly in the south-east on Wednesday morning.

The wind will blow with 40-50km/ph and the gusts of wind will even reach 55-75km/ph in southern Muntenia, Dobruja, southern Moldavia.

The weather in Bucharest will turn extremely cold until Friday, with weathermen announcing snowfall, sleet, rain, wind and minimum temperatures ranging from minus 4C to minus 7C.

According to the weather forecast for the Capital city, it will rain starting Tuesday night until Wednesday morning, when the rain will turn to sleet and snowfall and there might also be black ice. The wind will gradually get stronger and the gusts of wind willr each 55 km/per hour by Wednesday morning. The snow pack will reach 2-4 centimetres.

The minimum temperature will drop by minus 2C.

It will be snowing as of Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., with the wind still blowing with 45-55 km/ph, with blizzard affecting the visibility in the traffic. The snow pack will mount to 7 -10 centimetres, even 15cm in some areas.

The weather will get even colder, and temperatures will drop below 6-4 C.

It will be even colder in the northern, northeastern and central Romania, with temperatures climbing down to minus 10C during the night.

The Interior Ministry has just announced it had mobilised over 11,000 firemen and policemen to intervene in emergency situations prompted by the bad weather.

Effects of the bad bad weather: car accidents, traffic jam,  fallen trees, flights’ and trains’ delays

The bad weather has seized the southern and southeastern country, with tens of car accidents, traffic jam in the cities and on national roads and flights’ delays on the airport in Bucharest.

A tree has fallen on a car in Bucharest, while 11 car accidents have been reported in the Capital in the past 24 hours. Trucks went sideways between Merisani and Guruieni localities in Teleorman county due to heavy snowfall.

A car with a woman and one-year baby on board has skipped on Wednesday and plunged into Lake Vadu Rosu near Berceni commune in Ilfov, near Bucharest. The two people managed to save themselves and leave the vehicle.

In Bucharest the traffic was partially restricted this morning on several boulevards and avenues.

Other seven people, including a 7-month baby have been seriously injured on Wednesday in a car crash near Cringu locality in Teleorman county. There were three women, a 7-month baby and three men. The victims are conscious, with injuries at their chest, legs and arms. A man, driver of the car, has been caught in the vehicle and has been taken out by the firemen.

Aircraft operated under winter conditions on „Henri Coanda” International Airport in Bucharest this morning, being reported delays up to 30 minutes due to di-icing procedures.

Amid heavy snowfall and blizzard, several trains also reported delays at the North Railway Station in Bucharest. The train from Timisoara-Craiova-Bucharest registered a delay of 75 minutes on Wednesday morning, Bacau-Bucharest- 55 minute-delay, Galati-Bucharest -30-minute delay.

Ports in Midia, Mangalia, Constanta, Agigea and Sulina were closed down due to strong wind.

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