Update 2 – The Romanian suspect in the case of Victoria Marinova’s murder released. New suspect remanded


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The Romanian citizen of Ukrainian origin suspected by the Bulgarian Police in the murder case of newswoman Victoria Marinova, who has been found dead in a park in Ruse, has been arrested and heard for hours, but he will be eventually released after investigators could not establish that he is linked to this murder.

“Dvevnik” daily reported earlier in the day that The Romanian citizen of Ukrainian origin was the main suspect in this case.

The Police in Ruse mentioned the Romanian is not considered a suspect for now.

Late on Tuesday, the Bulgarian authorities have remanded another suspect in this case, several hours after the Romanian had been released, Nova.bg informed. The suspect has been detained based on the DNA samples identified at the crime scene. The new suspect has been arrested in Germany, where he has allegedly run away after committing the murder. The authorities also detained the man’s wife and aunt.

The suspect, Severin Nadezhdov Krasimirov, aged 21, is from Ruse, where the journalist has been killed. Investigators say that they had found the victim’s blood on his clothes. Policemen say that his DNA samples had 100% matched the ones collected on the crime scene.

According to some unofficial information, the man would have fled Bulgaria on October 7 in order to hide in Germany, at the house of his mother and step father in Stade, a town near Hamburg. His relatives would have advised him to flee after he had told them what he had done.

The police would have tracked him down following footage from the surveillance cameras in the area where Marinova was killed.

More information are expected within a press conference on Wednesday, held by PM Boyko Borisov, chief prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov şand Interior Minister Mladen Marinov.

Victoria Marinova, manager and anchorwoman at TVN regional broadcaster in Bulgaria, has been brutally murdered on the night of Saturday to Sunday while jogging. She is the third journalist in the EU killed in less than a year, after Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta and Jan Kuciak in Slovakia, according to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

Aged 30, Victoria Marinova was involved in several journalist investigations regarding the corruption in Bulgaria. Journalist and analyst Ruslan Trad posted on Twitter that Marinova’s last feature referred to the public funds embezzlement. Ruslan Trad also claimed that the journalist had been raped and tortured before being murdered.

Her body was found by a passer-by who announced the police. The woman could not be initially identified, as there was no ID on her and her mobile phone was missing.

Local prosecutor Georgi Georgiev stated that besides her phone, her car keys, glasses and part of her clothes were also missing. He said that Marinova died due to “multiple head traumas and asphyxiation”.

Interior Minister Mladen Marinov quoted by Focus news agency later on confirmed that Marinova had been also sexually assaulted.

An veteran TV reporter, Marinova hosted a lifestyle show many years, then she was member of the TVN board. Several months ago, she became the host of an investigation programme called “Detector”. Her recent show included interviews on the alleged corruption involving private companies that did not get financing from the European Union.

On September 30, Marinova had interviewed two journalists, Bulgarian Dimitar Stoianov and Romanian Attila Biro (Rise Project) who were investigating the fraud suspicions related to the European subsidies, which would allegedly involve businessmen and local authorities.

The European Commission has asked Bulgaria on Monday to conduct a quick investigation in this murder case, giving the precedents in Malta and Slovakia. Bulgaria’ Interior Minister Mladen Marinov,has replied there are no clues for the time being that Marinova’s murder case is linked to her investigations on corruption.

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