Update4: The four candidates for DNA top office meet the legal conditions for selection

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The four candidates for the DNA top position meet the legal conditions for participation in the selection organized by the Ministry of Justice, according to an announcement posted on Tuesday on the ministry’s website.

According to the announcement, the four prosecutors will be called for interview on Thursday at the Ministry of Justice, as of 9.00h.

On Tuesday, Justice Minister Tudorel Toader (photo) said the files of the four candidates for the DNA Chief Prosecutor will be analyzed in the coming period, and a conclusion on a possible nomination will be reached on Friday or the procedure will be resumed.

“Tomorrow, the members of the commission will study the files, analyze the managerial programmes. On Thursday, as of 9.00h, I will summon the members of the commission for the interview, and the candidates, of course, after which, on Friday, we will deliberate, we will reach a conclusion, depending on which we continue the procedure,” Toader said.

On Monday, Toader argued that the appointment of the new chief prosecutor with the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) will not be the result of political barter.

“Previous appointments were made, sometimes, based on political deal. That is not to name it political barter. There was no competition, no procedure, no one was alarmed for not having competitors. The appointment was made against the CSM opinion, a negative opinion. I believe some of the prosecutors believe the appointment now would be made as before, based on deals. I assure you this will not happen,” Minister Toader said.

He added that there was no ‘fierce competition’ for DIICOT either.

“Those who really want to become chief prosecutor know the reality there. They realise there’s a lot of work to return DNA to the constitutional parameters, to make it work, to regain confidence – if it ever existed – in the activity. These are the reasons for the reluctance to run to the DNA top position,” Todurel Toader said.

Florentina Mirica – the first prosecutor competing for DNA top position

Florentina Mirica is the first prosecutor announcing intention to run for the DNA chief prosecutor office. According to Digi 24 TV private broadcaster, Mirica arrived at the Justice Ministry Monday morning, about 10.00h, stayed for several minutes and then left by car to the DNA offices.

Monday is the last day for filing the candidatures for the DNA top position. Mirica is the only one so far.

Florentina Mirica has led the investigations in the fraud case of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), the file on Gabriel Oprea – the limousine and files on various magistrates charged with corruption, ziare.com reports.

Currently she is delegated on this position until November 2018. The department will be without purpose when Law on judicial organisation 304/2004, amended, comes into force. Thus, the investigation on magistrates’ offences will be relocated from DNA to the Prosecutor General’s Office, where the section for investigating offences in the justice system is to be set up.

Floretina Mirica works with DNA for the past 8 years.

Other files in which she was involved: Dinel Staicu, Rudel Obreja, Catalin Chelu, Judge Antonela Costache and Viorica Dinu.

On the other hand, several officers with the Interior Ministry’s intelligence service (DIPI) have complained to the CSM about Florentina Mirica. CSM rejected the disciplinary investigation filed by the Judicial Inspectorate.

In October 2016, former DNA chief prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, said she supports her colleague about the investigation carried out at DIPI about abuse of office during procurement.

Anti-graft prosecutor Marius Iacob files second candidacy

Another DNA prosecutor, Marius Iacob, currently DNA’s deputy chief prosecutor, has also filed candidacy for the no.1 position within the directorate, being the second candidate who has taken this step on the last day to submit files.

I have come to submit candidacy. This is all I have to say,” said Marius Iacob while entering the Justice Ministry’s HQ.

Marius Iacob began his career in 1994 at the Prosecutor’s Office upon Bucharest District 6 Court. Among the files he handled are the Giuleşti Maternity file, where three babies died in a fire, a case finalized with several final sentences. He also coordinated the DNA investigation in the ‘Colectiv’ file.

The files of businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu were also handled by Marius Iacob, as well as the famous case of Elodia Ghinescu, the lawyer who disappeared without a trace.

In recent months, Marius Iacob has been the subject of disciplinary actions by the Judicial Inspectorate, along with Laura Codruta Kovesi.

The Prosecutors’ Sections for Disciplinary issues with the Superior Council of Magistracy postponed the hearing of the DNA Deputy Chief Prosecutor to September 5. He is accused by the Judiciary Inspectorate of violating several provisions by delegating a prosecutor, namely Carmen Simona Ricu, to represent DNA in the civil proceeding on the suspension of the order by which prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga was suspended from the DNA.

Also, prosecutor Marius Iacob allegedly violated the DNA Internal Regulations, which regulates the duties of the DNA legal counsellor in a limitative manner, without being able to substitute him before the courts by a prosecutor of the same structure.

Marius Iacob is Deputy Chief Prosecutor of DNA since June 10, 2013, previously head of the Criminal and Forensic Investigation Section with the High Court of Cassation and Justice and First Deputy of the Prosecutor General (June 27, 2011 – October 1, 2012).

Third candidate – Cristian Lazar

The third candidate for the DNA top position is Cristian Lazar, currently Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Criminal and Forensic Section with the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to digi24.ro, Lazar is the magistrate who rejected the resolution of non-initiation of criminal prosecution on Victor Ponta’s plagiarism case. He had been proposed for the office with the Prosecutor’s Office by former Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc while in office.


Fourth candidate – Elena Grecu

The latest name on the list is Elena Grecu, former chief prosecutor with the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Constanta Court of Appeals, currently chief of department with the National Anticorruption Directorate.

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