Victor Micula, son of business tycoon Viorel Micula: “Salaries won’t be raised, I’m getting a Bugatti”


Workers for Romanian business tycoon Viorel Micula had hoped for pay rises after business got cash windfall from High Court battle. A tycoon’s teenage son told 7,000 people who work for his dad they won’t be getting a pay rise because he wants a new Bugatti supercar, informs.

Spoiled brat Victor Micula, 18, who once turned up to school in Romania by helicopter so he could have lie in, was booted out of high school for cheating on his final exams. And when lawyers for the family business managed to win a High Court battle with the Romanian Treasury that left the firm £64m better off, he posted on Facebook: “Salaries won’t be raised, I’m getting a Bugatti.”

His father Viorel tried to explain away his son’s outburst by saying the money from the legal wrangle needed to go back into the business’ coffers. Viorel said: “We need to use the cash to pay our current business expenses. We tried to sort this out in a friendly way, but the state doesn’t seem to be interested and we needed to go back to court.

“We should have had the money last year and as a result of not getting it we’ve had major losses. This sort of situation always favours the state. The state can take what they want anytime and they can block any company.”

His rich kid son is constantly in the Romanian media for his brattish antics. When he turned up for an exam resit, he was driving a £160k black Ferrari, and told reporters waiting outside the school in Oradea, in western Romania, that he was “confident and well prepared.” The Ferrari was then driven off by a minder, but just an hour later a scowling Micula emerged, and he dashed into a waiting Mercedes S class limo, refusing to say a word.

The reason for his fury emerged days later when the results of the test posted on the school noticeboard revealed he had been removed from the exam for cheating.

The cheating teen stands to inherit a fortune from his father Viorel Micula, who built a business empire with his twin brother Ioan in tourism, property, the media and industry. And recently they won a legal battle over a disputed £64m (RON 376 million – our note) with the Romanian Treasury, with the court ordering the money to be paid over immediately. The teenager’s plan to buy the expensive car is just the latest scandal.


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