Video in the nest. EUR 8,000 for storks at Cristian commune


Friends of Storks from Cristian commune, Sibiu County, have begun implementing a project funded under the National Rural Development Programme, the LEADER axis, whose value amounts to about EUR 8,000.

The project is called “Cristian, the Stork Citadel” and includes several components, one of the most visible being to add a camera in a nest and transmitting images in real time by the association’s website. Thus, anyone entering can see live how stork chicks are born, how they grow and then fly away.

“The camera will transmit on our website as soon as solve the small technical problems we are facing, I estimate that by the end of this week,” said Miruna Gritu, president of the association, informs

Another component of the project relates to the construction of a lookout tower in the fortified church in Cristian commune, where from, with the help of binoculars and a telescope, tourists can admire the storks in the village. Within the project a thousand rings to monitor storks are to be bought.

At this time in Cristian there are five nests occupied by storks.


Photo: Friends of Storks

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