Villagers of a hamlet in Apuseni, Transylvania have become successful vloggers

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23 villagers who still live in the mountain hamlet of Tecșești, in Alba county, manage to advertise their village and area, posting videos and blogs about their stories and customs.

Tecșești Vlogs is a product launched by Albalact dairy producer with the help of MRM // McCann agency and endorsed by the local community.

Zina, Partenie and Cornelia are the first villagers from a mountaintop who posted their own tutorials on YouTube. Zina is merry and full of energy. She makes great pies on the slab, and her online recipe is the most popular, ranking first in the vlog views.

Partenie has worked and traveled throughout the entire country, but eventually he returned and settled down in Tecsesti, in the house his father had built.

Cornelia, the minister’s wife, as she is known, has raised seven children, and she delivered all the babies born in the village. She says that a woman’s asset is to be dutiful.

Lae has a proud household down the mountain and he is full of stories about sit-downs and hemp-seed harvesting.

In the 50s, Tecșesti village from Alba was an old mountain settlement in Apuseni mountains, which accommodated 350 people, traditional families who loved their places, houses and customs, who were proud of who they were and who preserved the local ancient traditions.

Unfortunately, there were only 23 people still living here in 2018. They are isolated from the rest of the world, at the mercy of seasons and weather. Yet, each of those 23 souls is a bearer of the places’ authenticity, of the almost forgotten lifestyle.

Albalact joined the efforts to preserve the hamlet and brought their stories online. The „vloggers” of  Tecșești, with an average age of 65yo, have already learnt how to make a boomerang, how hashtags are used or how to tag someone in their posts.

The video content on their YouTube channel has reached over 650,000 views. The first financing of this project has revived one of the most beautiful houses of the hamlet- Petric House.

Tecșești Vlogs is available at, and also at  #ViațaLaTecșești and Instagram.

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