Violence Diaspora rally: Over 60 complaints filed against gendarmes at the the Military Prosecutor’s office


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Military prosecutors have registered 63 criminal complaints filed by protesters against the riot police representatives so far. The gendarmes are accused of of abusive intervention during the Diaspora rally on August 10, which left over 400 injured.

Two gendarmes were hospitalized  after also being victims of the violence.

Overall, 12 gendarmes were injured in the clashes, and they went to the Forensic Medicine Institute on Tuesday morning to ask for a medical examiner’s certificate.

Military prosecutors are probing if the gendarmes who intervened during the protest are guilty of abuse of office or abusive conduct. Investigators ask the victims and the witnesses to bring evidence, footage of the moments when gendarmes are using tear gas, defensive grenades and when they are beating the demonstrators. Investigators have studied several footage posted on Facebook.

To help them with their investigations, military prosecutors will also ask televisions to give them the videos captured during the anti-government meeting on August 10.

Investigators have invited for hearings at the Military Prosecutor’s Office (2 George Georgescu street, district 4) all those who attended the rally and were injured following gendarmes’ intervention or those who can provide important information about the violence in Victoriei Square.

People were called for hearings on Monday and Tuesday.

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