Visiting hours extended at the National Redemption Cathedral after churchgoers force entry

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People have bumped with the gendarmes to force the entry into the National Redemption Cathedral on Thursday, the last day when the access was allowed on the altar even for women. The initial visiting programme has been until today, at 5 p.m., but after churchgoers queued and forced the entry, the Patriarchy decided to extend the visiting hours until Sunday, December 2.

he Cathedral of National Redemption in Bucharest has been consecrated on Sunday, November 25, after eight years of construction works, in the presence of tens of thousands of believers countrywide. On this occasion, both men and women were allowed on the altar until today November 29. Women are not regularly allowed on the altar, according to the Orthodox religion.

So, hundreds of people queued to visit the cathedral and to enter the altar on Thursday, but as the hours went by, they panicked they would miss the visit and they broke the gendarmes’ cordons, trying to get in.

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