Volunteers revamp cardio unit of hospital in Resita in just 5 days

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Amid poor infrastructure across hospitals in Romania, a team of volunteers managed to do a work of months in just several days. It happened in a hospital in Resita, Caras Severin county in western Romania. A Red Cross volunteer kicked off a rehabilitation action in the cardio unit of a hospital in Resita, after admitting her father-in-law here and seeing the deplorable state of the hospital rooms.

Lili Gherle from the Red Cross managed to mobilize and convince tens of locals, teachers, lawyers, priests, journalists, firemen, gendarmes and politicians to give a helping hand to her project and the volunteering team succeeded in revamping the cardio unit of the medical unit in just five days.

The last facelift of the ward had been done ten years ago.

According to Lili Gherle, 40 people on average came every day to help with the rehabilitation project, even former patients and the current medical staff. If six private companies sponsored with the building materials, the hospital management provided the furniture: beds and side tables.

There has been a tremendous work in those five days, and I want to thank all those who have got involved for they proved that when we want to do something, it’s impossible not to succeed. You just have to take the initiative”, the Red Cross volunteer stated.

Donations mounted to RON 16,000 for the project, while the local county council’s funding will go on the medical equipment.

Resita is a capital city of Caras severin county, located in the west part of the country, known as Banat region. An important iron and steel center, Reșița is known for its blast furnaces, iron foundries, and plants producing electrical appliances or chemicals.

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