Wagon of Mocanita steam train derailed on Vaser Valley in the exact same spot as six days ago

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Mountain rescuers from Maramures were called to intervene to Vaser Valley on Friday after a wagon of Moncanita steam train derailed again. A similar incident occurred in the exact same spot six days ago.

The chief of the Maramures Mountain Rescue Service, Daniel Benga said it was no accident, but rather an incident, with no victims.

The steam train was transporting tourists; there is no accurate information on how many tourists were in train at the moment of the derailment, but the train has a capacity of 250-300 seats.

The wagon that derailed near the kilometer 8, has been eventually put back on track and the train resumed its ride.

Last Saturday, Mocanita derailed on the exact same spot on Vaser Valley, with 12 people being injured. 200 people were in the train back then.

Regular steam trains for tourists have been running in the Vaser Valley since 2000, operating from spring to autumn. The Vaser Valley – with its length of some 60 kms (Paltin station 21.6 km for tourist transport)- climbing from Viseu de Sus to the end of line near Comanu, is rather different from other valleys of the Carpathian mountains. Except for a few logging camps, the valley covers a vast wild area lacking human presence. It is accessible only by railway, along with a handful of logging roads that link key points on the line.

The Valley is sight for sore eyes: tourists will be able to admire a spectacular, original landscape, from dense, dark and mixed forests, to narrow canyons and three short tunnels, sparkling mountain brooks and sun-drenched mountain pastures.

Steam trains run as far as Paltin station, approximately two hours from Viseu de Sus. In Paltin there is a stop of 1-2 hours before the trains return to Viseu de Sus. For train passengers a catering service is available at Paltin. It is also possible to take a short walk into the Carpathian forest, to visit an observation platform from where visitors can get a view over the Vaser Valley.

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