War widow in Iasi celebrates her 108th anniversary

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A war widow from Iași has just turned 108. Elena Sirețeanu was born in 1908, but celebrated her birthday only 27 times as she was born in a leap year, on February 29.

That makes her the oldest war widow in Moldavia. She lives in Bosia village, Ungheni commune.

Her husband died in 1944 during WWII and the woman had to raise her son alone. She was 36 years old when her husband died. Her son, now aged 76, doesn’t remember his father too much, as he had only several years old when he left to war and never came back.

The widow had a hard life. She has been evicted from the village together with her son, but came back to Bosia and had to work for the communist agricultural co-operative. The old woman never got married and despite the fact she has no picture of her late husband, Elena is still thinking of him.

Elena Sirețeanu has been quite active until several years ago, when she used to work hand in glove in the garden with her grandchildren. Now she rarely goes out and only in a wheelchair, but she doesn’t forget to have her coffee on the daily basis.

On her birthday, Elena received a cake and a diploma from the Ministry of National Defence awarded by some high officials of the Romanian army.

There 5,000 war veterans still alive in Iași County.

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