Warm air mass to bring spring temperatures in Romania next week while new cyclone, storm Dennis threatens UK, northern Europe

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While northern and western Europe is still struggling with unusual storms, the weather is getting warmer in Romania as of next week, with temperatures climbing up to 16C in southern country.

The sunny will be mostly cloudy in eastern Romania, while in the south the weather will be unusually warm for this time of the year. There will be maximum temperatures of 16C in the south on Monday and Tuesday. Normal temperatures for mid-February should stop to 7-8 C.

In Bucharest, the temperatures will mount to 16C.

The weather will be fine in the mountains as well this weekend and next week.

Storm Dennis explodes into ‘bomb cyclone’ as it roars toward UK, northern Europe

According to AccuWeather, Storm Dennis, which developed into a formidable “bomb cyclone” early Thursday, will bring dangerous winds and flooding to the hard-hit United Kingdom and northern Europe this weekend just days after deadly Storm Ciara triggered widespread travel disruptions.

Becoming the fourth-named windstorm of the season by collaboration of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Netherlands, Dennis was officially named by the UK Met Office on Tuesday. Windstorm season in Europe traditionally runs from September through the end of April.

Dennis became classified as a bomb cyclone Thursday morning after the central pressure of the storm dropped 1.38 inches of mercury (46 mb) in 24 hours. The drop was recorded from 29.4 to 28.1 inches of mercury (996 mb to 950 mb).

Further strengthening may put Dennis in the running for being one of the most intense North Atlantic storms on record, as defined by how low the central pressure of the storm gets. The top-five most intense storms all recorded a pressure of 27 inches of mercury (925.5 mb) or lower.

Despite the fact that the center of Dennis will likely remain near Iceland over the the coming days, towering waves are expected across the Northern Atlantic Ocean Friday and through the weekend.

Waves as high as 12-15 meters (40-50 feet) are possible west of the British Isles and south of Ireland as Dennis moves through the region this weekend,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

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