Warm weather at the end of January

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The temperatures at the end of January will be higher than the average, with highs of 5-15 degrees Celsius, meteorologists informs.

In the country the skies will be variable, with temporary cloudiness in the north-western, northern, eastern and central regions, with light rainfall. In the mountains the precipitations could turn into sleet and snow, with wind gusts of 80-90 km/h and temporary blizzards. During the nights, light snowfall in the mountains and weaker winds. Lows of -7C in the depressions and 3C at the seaside. On local areas fog is expected.

In Bucharest, the weather will be rather fine, with high temperatures to reach, during the day, up to 14C, whereas the lows will be of about -2 to 0 degrees C. Variable skies, weak to moderate winds and fog in the morning.


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