Warning of snowfall, blizzard, mixed rain and glazed frost countywide

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The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) has issued a warning of snowfall, blizzard, mixed rain and glazed frost countywide, in force as of Wednesday evening to Friday at noon.

According to the forecast, during January 9, 22h and January 11, 12:00h, precipitation will fall mainly as snow, in all regions, and a more consistent local snow layer will be registered especially in Moldavia.

At the same time, in Dobrogea, in the southern and the eastern part of Muntenia, as well as in the south-eastern part of Moldavia, there will be mixed precipitations that will favour the glazed frost, the water quantities will exceed 15-20 litres per square metre.

On the night of Thursday to Friday and on Friday there will be temporary wind intensifications in the eastern half of the territory and in the mountainous regions, with gusts averaging 55-65 km per hour on the mountain ridges and in Moldavia, leading to blizzard.



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