Wave of North African hot air to hit Romania, violent storms expected


The weather will become very warm next week, in most of Romania, with temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius, by almost 8-10 degrees C higher than the average for this period of the year, the National Meteorology Agency (ANM) informs.

“The temperatures will reach almost 30C in most of the country, with the highest values in Oltenia and Munteania on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On the other hand the skies will become cloudy with thunderstorms, lightning, possible hail and high quantities of water. Such storms might take place in southern Romania, on restricted areas, mainly in the evening,” meteorologist Teodor Cumpanasu said for ProTV.

In Bucharest, most probably, it will rain on Tuesday, after several days of high temperatures.

The weekend and next week will witness normal temperatures, with warm weather of about 25C, with light rainfall countrywide, he added.

“A wave of hot air is on many parts of Europe, in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Poland, with temperatures of 28-29C. In Italy is the same. A hot air wave from North Africa is present and will be here in the coming period,” Cumpanasu said.

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