Weather alert for Bucharest: Temperatures to drop from 30C to 8C

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The National Meteorology Administration has issued a special weather forecast for Bucharest, warning that temperatures will consistently drop as of Friday, from 30C to 8C. Another alert for wind, rains and cold has been issued for the entire country as of Thursday till Saturday morning.

From Thursday to Friday morning the weather will be much warmer than usually at this time of the year, so the maximum temperatures will climb to 29C-30C.

There will be scattered showers in Bucharest as of Thursday night, with the minimum temperature falling down to 13C.

As of Friday through Saturday, the maximum temperatures will drop to 14C and the minimum one to 8C.

Moderate rainfalls will seize the entire country from October 3 to October 4, with a real chill in the air and growing wind gusts.

The rains will extend from the West to the whole country.

There could be torrential rains, thunderstorms and hailstorms in Transylvania and Moldavia, and then in the southeastern regions.

The wind with blow with 40 to 50kmph.

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