Weather is getting cold, it will snow in most part of the country, Bucharest included

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The weather is getting cold in most part of Romania, Bucharest included, starting Sunday, March 22 till Wednesday morning, March 25. It will even snow, meteorologists announced.
There will be a sudden turn of the weather, with temperatures going down from 20C -23C to 2C-3C.
There will be 10C colder on Sunday compared to Sunday, with mixed falls, sleet and snowfalls in the northern, central and northeastern regions.

As of Monday, the mixed falls and sleet will extend to the south and south-east, while snowfalls will prevail in the rest of the territory.

According to the National Meteorology Administration forecast, there will be high temperatures in Bucharest on Friday and Saturday, ranging from lows of 6-7 C up to highs of 22-23C.

However, the weather is taking a sudden twist in the Capital city as of Saturday night, it will start raining snowing and the weather will be extremely cold for this time of the year. The snow pack of 2-3 cm is to lay down. The wind will blow with gusts of 40-50kmph and the maximum temperature will dramatically fall down to 8-9C, while the lows will range from 0C to minus 1C.
Staring Monday morning it will keep on snowing, with the layer of snow reaching 5-10cm. The wind gusts will reach 55-65kmph, storming the snow especially at night. The maximum temperature will be 1-2C and the minim one minus 2C.

There will be moderate snow during March 24, 8 a.m. through March 25, 8 a.m. The wind will blow with 55-65kmph, storming the snow. Overall, the layer of snow will be uneven ranging in average from 10 to 12 centimeters.

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