Weather to get warmer, rainfall expected

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The weather will get significantly warmer as of Monday, however rainfall will be registered in the coming interval on large areas.

Daytime highs will reach 7 degrees Celsius and temperatures will drop during the night to 0 or -1 degrees C.

The likelihood for precipitations will increase during December 6-9, followed by lower temperatures, but less significant than the frost in the past days.

Snowfall may be registered after December 12.

The National meteorology Administration (ANM) Executive Director, Florinela Georgescu, has told that climatologists say this winter could be a tough one, with intense phenomena in the last part, as of mid-January.

For the time being, the likelihood of snowfall will increase as of next week, she said.

“The episodes of heavy snowfall and frost are necessary during wintertime. We might enjoy that they come later, but then there is the possibility that they extend the winter into the spring, as nature searches for balance. In Eastern Europe is high pressure with very low temperatures, whereas the low pressure comes from the Atlantic. The persistent storms bring oceanic air to the continent, with high mass of water vapors, which influence the weather in Western Europe. Next week we will witness that the storms coming from the ocean reach the eastern limit towards our country and we will see the changes in temperature,” Florinela Georgescu said.


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