Weather turns cold, snowfall and frost expected

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The temperatures will be below the multiannual average for this period in the next weeks, until December 17, with the level of precipitations exceeding the average in the first part, the National Meteorology Administration (ANM) informs on Monday.

In the coming days sleet, snowfall and glazed frost are expected.

On Wednesday, the weather will become much colder throughout the country, with highs of -4 degrees Celsius in northern Moldavia and 6 degrees C in the southern plains and lows between -9 degrees C and 1 degree C, informs.

Precipitations are expected in the southern, central and eastern regions, and snowfall in the mountainous areas in Moldavia, Maramures and Banat. In Transylvania, Muntenia and Dobrogea the mixed precipitations will turn into snow. Low and moderate wind is expected, with gusts in eastern and south-eastern regions. Weather will become frosty in most regions.

According to, which quotes information from, Thursday night the temperatures will drop to -7C and on Friday and Saturday to -10C. On December 1 the snow layer in some regions of the country could reach 100 centimetres, mainly in the mountainous areas, MetDesk also reports.

In Bucharest, the snow layer could reach 10 centimetres.


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