Wednesday evening update: 260 cases of Coronavirus confirmed in Romania


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14 new cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in Romania on Wednesday evening, with the toll climbing to 260, according to the official report released on Wednesday at 18:00hrs. Overall, there were 43 new cases confirmed during the entire day on Wednesday, March 18.

The latest new COVID-19 cases are: 7 in Bucharest, 3 in Brasov, 2 in Constanta and one each in Maramures and Dolj.

All 14 people who tested positive lately are either contacts of the previous positive cases, or people in quarantine. The newly confirmed patients’ age ranges from 2yrs old to 57yo.


29 new cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in Romania on Wednesday morning, with the toll mounting to 246.

Out of the new 29 cases 12 are from Bucharest, 7 in Iasi, 3 in Ilfov, 2 in Hunedoara, and each one in Alba, Bihor, Maramureş, Olt and Suceava.

The age of the infected people range from 1yo to 72yrs. They are both contacts of the existing cases, but also people who traveled in affected areas, for instance in Spain, Italy or UK.


33 new cases of Coronavirus had been confirmed in Romania until Tuesday, March 17, 6 p.m, which are adding to the previous 16 new cases confirmed on Tuesday morning. Therefore, a total of 49 people have tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, with the toll climbing to 222 cases.

Among the total cases of 222, 19 are declared cured and have been discharged from hospitals, the Group for Strategic Communication announced.

So, since the last update today at 10:00hrs, 33 more cases have been confirmed: 26 in Bucharest, 5 in Brașov and each one in Constanța and Prahova.

All people recently confirmed with Coronavirus are either contacts of some previous positive cases, or people under quarantine. The newly confirmed patients’ age range from 26yo to 64yo.

Iohannis: 75% of the Romanians who have coronavirus have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all

According to President Klaus Iohannis, three quarters of the Romanians infected with the novel Coronavirus are either having no symptoms, or have mild symptoms, while there is no death. President Iohannis has made statements at the beginning of the video conference with PM Ludovic Orban and the ministers in charge of coordinating the COVID-19 epidemic in Romania.

19 people have been declared cured and will be sent home today. Only three patients are admitted at the emergency room, but they are not connected to respirators”, the President said, stressing there is no death due to the pandemic so far.

The head of state also informed he had a discussion with the EC President Ursula von der Leyen and that he had told her that Romania “basically agrees with the agreement on closing the UE borders” and that our country has the capacity of enforcing this measure, but insisted that the freight transport cannot be halted. “The European economy cannot function without freight transport”, Iohannis said, referring to some EU countries’ measures are not correlated with the freight transport dispositions.

“We don’t want to stop doctors to enter EU, we don’t want to ban diplomats from coming to work, or official delegations, but we clearly want to limit the tourism, and the medical tourism as well”, President Iohannis said, pointing out that there has been a rise in patients coming to treat themselves in the EU states lately, for the EU healthcare systems “are relatively good”.

The Romanian President asked the PM and the minister to present the stage of all taken measures and their impact on the population and economy, while urging them “to move fast”.

“I am interested in this phase that we are moving fast and I expect from you to inform me on the measures in the emergency state decree that you have already taken, what actions you planned and the agenda for the upcoming days. I repeat, the state of emergency lasts 30 days and it is mandatory that we work very, very fast.”

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