#WeSeeYou: New anti-pardon protest in Bucharest to warn MPs over the Monday plenary sitting’s vote


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Some 300-400 people have staged a new protest in Victoriei Square in Bucharest on Sunday evening despite the rain, to voice their discontent against the pardon draft law that is to be debated by the Senate’s plenary sitting on Monday. Protesters headed to the Parliament’s building around 8 p.m., chanting against the Government and the lawmakers: “You won’t get away”,”Don’t be afraid, the country is raising,” “DNA should come and get you”, “Romania, wake up!,” “PSD, the red plague”, “We see you”, “It’s raining, it’s snowing, united we shall win”.

They were blowing vuvuzelas and wearing placards: “The rule of law is not negotiable”, “Your are playing with fire, #weseeyou”, “Romania wants no pardon”.

The protest has been called on Facebook, like the previous ones.

On Wednesday the Senate legal committee adopted the amendments filed by senators Traian Băsescu, Şerban Nicolae and Liviu Brăiloiu by 5 votes (PSD and ALDE) to 3 (PNL, USR and UDMR) to the pardon law, saying that the people sentenced to prison for bribe taking or bribery, influence peddling are to be pardoned if they pay the prejudices. On Thursday, the legal committee resumed the vote and vetoed the amendments. However, the vote in the plenary sitting is following, where the rejected amendments can be adopted again. This would mean the GEO 13 revival! We must say to the MPs as clearly as possible: #WeSeeYou!,” reads the Facebook page.

At the Parliament protesters glued up photos of them on the Parliament House’s fence.

The organizers from the Corruption kills have previously explained the action: “Some of the MPs have got the feeling that, if we are not physically in front of them, that means we are not paying attention. It’s time to prove them the contrary (…) The #WeSeeYou wall will be the first thing that the MPs will see on Monday when they arrive to attend the plenary sitting. And they will know that thousands of people are still there.”

The pardon bill is to be debated and voted in the Senate’s plenary sitting on Monday.

Senators with the legal committee on Thursday have given up the amendment on pardon for corruption deeds, five Senators voting for rejection, while four PSD and ALDE senators abstained. The shift of attitude comes one day after the same committee voted in favour of pardoning corruption deeds, triggering street protests on Wednesday.

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