What Are the Three Main Purposes of a Report Writing?


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Some tutors will require you to write a report instead of an essay or research paper. And might end up feeling confused about the meaning of this assignment. In the business world, your seniors might ask you to write a report. And like most employees, you might end up struggling and getting stressed out with this assignment. Most people get confused because they don’t know what to include, its writing style, the language to use, the ideal length of the document, and other important factors. By reading this article, you’ll get to know what a college report is and the main purposes of writing one in the first place. Let’s get started!

Defining a report

In the education world, most students are confused between essays and reports. Some use these two words interchangeably. However, in most cases, reports are usually used in business, technical and scientific subjects, especially in the workplace. So, what’s the difference between a report and an essay? An essay focuses on reasoning and arguments while a report focuses on facts.

A report is a sharp, short document that is written for a specific audience. It usually sets out and analyses problems or situations. It also makes recommendations for actions to be taken in the future. It is a paper that focuses on facts. And it’s supposed to be well-structured and clear. Requirements for this report will vary between departments and organizations. In the academic world, it will vary between tutor to tutor and student courses. Therefore, it’s worth finding out if there are specific guidelines before starting.

Some of the common elements in a study report include:

  • A description of situations or events
  • Interpretation of situations or events whether under your analysis or informed by other peoples’ views
  • Evaluation of facts or research results
  • Discussion of outcomes and future courses of action
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusions

You should keep in mind that you don’t have to include all these elements in your report. If you are writing for your boss, you should check to ensure that there are standard structures or guidelines for you to use.

Purposes of report writing

A report has lots of purposes both in the academic and professional world. But since It’s usually used in the professional world most of the time, we are going to share with you the three main purposes of this document:

1.      Making decisions

In our modern world today, most individuals and business organizations need a lot of information. Reports provide huge amounts of information that is required to make important decisions. Also, individuals get to understand a specific area based on the information presented in a report.

2.      Conducting investigations using report

When there is a serious problem, a study group, committee, or commission investigates the issue to find the root cause of the problem and present findings with the recommendations in a report. At school and in the business world, problems will always arise. However, how you deal with these problems determines whether you’ll grow and thrive or fail miserably. Professionals who delegate this task to a report writing service will understand the problems that they are facing and come up with effective solutions.

3.      Professional advancement

A report plays a huge role in professional advancement. To get promoted and improve job satisfaction, intellectual ability is essential. And this ability can be demonstrated by writing a good report and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

4.      Managerial tool

Reports are essential for managers because they can be used for organizing, planning, motivating, coordinating, and controlling. All managers need reports to get essential information that will help them make informed decisions. When managers make informed decisions, the business will naturally grow and thrive.


A report is a popular type of assignment that most students are required to write in college. While they are quite similar to essay assignments, you need to know the key difference between the two. The purpose of a report is to provide information to people on a specific topic. And it should take around ten to fifteen minutes to present it. Apart from school, reports play an integral role in the professional world. Your seniors will require you to write good reports to see if you are ready to take on greater responsibilities. With the writing tips that we’ve shared here, you will achieve your academic goals and land your dream job.

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