What did the Labour Ministry retort to the young woman with multiple sclerosis whose invalidity pension was suspended?

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After the case of Laura Florescu, a 37-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis the had her invalidity pension suspended by the state because she had published a poetry novel and cashed in RON 230 has caused indignation on social media and in the press, the Labour Ministry announced on Monday that the young woman could challenge the decision into court.

According to the current legislation, namely the law 263/2010 on the public pension system, the cumulation of the level II invalidity pension, characterized by the total loss of the work capacity, with other professional incomes, is not allowed and leads to the suspension of the pension during the period of the cumulation. The interdiction regarding the incomes derived from the copyright incomes.

“In Mrs. Laura Florescu’s case, ANAF has registered her incomes from the copyrights in June 2017. Bases on the ANAF report from July 2017, the Suceava County Pension House had to enforce the legal provisions, which led to the suspension of her pension for June and the registration of a debit of RON 520, which will be recovered from the pensioner, according to the law,” the ministry says in a press release.

The ministry added that the county pension house cannot take another decision in this case, but the young woman can challenge the decision into court, in a period of 15 days since the decision was communicated.

The Labour ministry also announced that due to the situations when invalid pensioners would earn money from copyrights, the institution would propose in the new pension draft law, to delete this interdiction from the law.

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