What employment benefits are topping the Romanians’ wish-list?

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Besides the salary package and the solidity of the company, flexible hours and the time spent on the way from home to work, Romanian job seekers are now aiming other benefits, too, with a major focus falling on the lunch, reads the third edition of the Workforce Barometer released by Frames on Tuesday.

The study says that lunch has become essential in the view of more and more employees, while its quality has become a significant hiring condition.

According to the barometer, the first benefit mentioned by the Romanian job seekers is the salary (71%), followed by the company’s solidity (43%) and the working hours (41%). Health insurances and passes at the private clinics come next (37%), followed by the settlement of the transport (28%), lunch (24%) and company car (18%).

Employers on the other hand say that recruiting valuable employees has become a tougher and tougher mission. However, the study reveals that great part of the employers seem to have understood that employees want more than a well paid job.

The third edition of the barometer has been conducted on 500 respondents (businessmen, HR officials, employees) during September 1-10.

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