What gifts will Romanians offer on Saint Nicholas?


Almost all Romanians living in the city (88.4%) intend to buy presents to the beloved ones for the Saint Nicholas, celebrated tomorrow, December 6th, with sweets and toys topping their preferences.

Keeping up with the trend last year, the intention to spring a surprise on our family and friends is higher in towns (93.8%) than in big cities (counting over 100,000 inhabitants), where 88% of the respondents plan to offer gifts on St. Nicholas. Compared to last year, in the case of big cities, the percentage of those who intend to buy present on this occasion is constant.

According to the survey conducted by Mednet Marketing Research Center, the most frequent presents remain sweets (72.1%) and toys (49.2%). However, gifts are becoming more and more complex, starting from the most banal and the cheapest, such as toys, sweets, clothes or fruits, and ending up with more expensive and sophisticated ones, such as electronics, home appliances, IT devices, trips, etc.

The budget allotted by the town dwellers to buy presents on St. Nicholas will be RON 318 on the average, slightly up compared to last year (RON 305). Yet, most of the respondents plan to spend from RON 100 to RON 250 (43.8%).

In big cities with over 100,000 inhabitants, the average sum of money allotted to St. Nicholas gifts is on an upward trend, mounting to RON 321.

The survey was conducted on 800 respondents aged from 18 to 65 during November 23-28.

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