What is King Michael’s health condition near upon his upcoming anniversary?


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Romanian Royal House announced that King Michael I is under the doctors’ surveillance, with Princess Maria being in Switzerland to be stand by him to celebrate his upcoming anniversary.

Princess Maria is in Switzerland to be with King Michael near upon his upcoming birthday. His Majesty is still under the doctors’ permanent supervision, under the same usual treatment,” according to the Royal House.

King Michael of Romania will turn 96 on October 25.

The Royal House is hosting two events in Bucharest on this occasion.

The Crown Princess will decorate 14 personalities form Romania and Europe in the Royal Palace’s Throne Hall, in the name of His Majesty. Crown Princess Margareta, Prince Radu and Princess Maria will attend a charitable concert organized by the Foundation Princess Margareta of Romania at the Romanian Athenaeum in the evening. The concert arrived on its tenth edition and is organized to raise funds to support the annual program <Young Talents>”, the Royal House further informs.

The King underwent surgery early last year, with the doctors giving him the diagnosis of “chronical leukemia” and “epidermoid carcinoma with metastasis“.

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