What is the weather forecast for December, this winter?


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The weather is cooling down from today and snow is expected, but next week the temperatures will rise again above the average for this period, Gabriela Băncilă, director of the ANM, told Digi24. She added that the winter could be warmer than usual, and in December, forecasters expect a lot of rain.

A cyclone that will bring precipitation, first in the form of sleet that will turn into snow, will enter our country, bringing lower temperatures. On Friday, snow will be present in most of the country. Temperatures will, however, be normal for this period, even if, compared to the warm weather of October and early November, they will seem much lower.

Very likely that the second part of next week will bring temperatures above 10 degrees again, even up to 13 14, possibly even 15 degrees. That’s why this reticence I have about talking about a cold wave”, Băncilă told Digi24.

As for December, “the thermal regime is normal, slightly warmer for the western part. The temperature will be close to normal and with a trend towards slightly warmer. So probably thermal values ​​of 8, 9, 10 degrees in the middle of the day for many localities in the low areas of the country”, said the meteorologist.

She added that we may have a mild winter.

At the beginning of each month, those estimates of the major international centers that estimate such forecasts are published. We have the same trend with a normal to warm and drier winter for some areas of the country. But I would draw attention to the fact that, at least for the month of December, there is a normal trend and perhaps towards a surplus of precipitation in the southern part of the country. But that would mean precipitation in the form of rain,” the meteorologist concluded.

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