What Romanians searched for on Google in the last year?


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Internet users in Romania have mainly searched Google, information about Covid-19, energy prices, saving methods and programming courses.

What topics have Romanians been interested in?

  • “how long is Covid 10 contagious”: +400%
  • “climate change measures”: historical maximum in Romania”how to save”: in the top searches”energy prices”: +1000%
  • “how I become a programmer”: +100%

“I think we all recognize that we live in difficult times. There are many challenges around us. In uncertain times, people turn to the Internet to find credible information about these uncertainties,” said Philip Justus, vice president of Google Central Europe.

Google search has been for decades now a go-to source for many when looking up directions, keeping up with the news, or seeking information on new and unfamiliar topics.

At present, Google processes roughly 3.5 billion searches per day. Due to its dominant market share, Google holds a vast archive of keyword searches.

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