What were the most searched terms on Google in Romania this year?

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Simona Halep, Elena Udrea, Dacian Cioloș, the Colectiv tragedy, baccalaureate, God and ISIS are among the most searched online terms on Google in Romania this year. On Wednesday, Google published the rankings with the most popular searches Romanians made on Google in 2015.

Thus, Romanian tennis player Simona Halep tops the chart of the most searched personalities on Google. Elena Udrea ranks second and singer Gabriel Cotabiță comes third. Vadim Tudor, Mihaela Rădulescu, Oana Zăvoranu, Marioara Zăvoranu, Dacian Cioloş, Robbie Williams and Stephen Hawking follow.

Pixwords game tops the ranking of the most popular searches in Google in Romania, followed by “results baccalaureate 2015”, “The power of destiny”, “dog breeds”, “Fast and Furious 7”, “Simona Halep”, “Eurovision 2015”, “Elena Udrea”, “2015 Orthodox calendar” and “Gabriel Cotabiță.”

On the other hand, “the baccalaureate” tops the Google searches on the most popular events in 2015, followed by “Colectiv”, “Charlie Hebdo”, “Izabela’s birthday”, “National evaluation”, “Black Friday”, “Oscar 2015”.

On “Who is…” expressions, the most searched were “who is God?”, “who is Dacian Cioloș?”, “who is Izabela?”, “who is <A> from Pretty Little Liars?”, “who is Andrei Versace?”, “who is Sorin Cimpeanu?”, “who is Charlie?” or “who is the king of the jungle?”.

On “What is…” expression, Romanians were curious to find out this year “what is ISIS?”, “what is diaspora?”, “what is Ebola?”, “what is autism?”, “what is turmeric plant?”, “what is a technocrat?”.

The most popular concerts this year among Romanians were: Untold Festival, Robbie Williams’ gig, Electric Castle 2015, Folk You 2015, Parov Stelar, Andrei Rieu 2015, George Enescu” 2015, Joe Satriani, Airfield Festival and Violetta concert.

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