What’s more important than money for the Millennials generation?


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Salary doesn’t top expectation ranking related to jobs.


Youngsters from the Millennials generation (born during 1980-2000) are quite hard to get when it comes to job recruitment, as the salary is not the most important factor considered when choosing a career, reads a survey conducted by Smartree.

First of all, the Millennials don’t have the patience to cross all stages of the professional evolution, and want to advance as quickly as possible. They also develop a particular desire to develop leadership abilities, helped by their ease to use the Internet and social media.

The online access allows them to be more informed about the companies on the market, to be more sociable and creative than the previous generations. Besides, many of them are open to new challenges and assume the involvement in projects where they are not professionally trained yet,” said Raluca Peneș, HR Coordinator, Smartree.

The HR company says that companies have to consider more aspects in their recruitment strategy.

According to the HR coordinator, employers should lure youngsters with information about the organizational environment, with bonuses package or with a more flexible working hours or proximity to the domicile.

Youngsters want more benefits apart from the wages, such as health insurance, passes for gyms, days off and discount cards.

Hobbies, more important than houses and cars

At the same time, the Millennials are keener to have a flexible job that would allow them to capitalize their spare time as much as possible.

Compared to the X generation, the Millennials are more focused on the balance between professional and personal life. Although their values are not necessarily consisting in buying a house or a car, they want to allot more time to their family, hobbies or other personal development activities,” said Raluca Peneș.

On these grounds, the Millennials are seldom asking at the recruiting interview flexible working hours, with the office work is more like constraining their activity.

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