“When the Ribs Break, You Don’t Feel the Electric Shock”

Mayor of Stara Zaburevka suffered 3 weeks of torture from Russian occupiers.


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On 21 March, a 60-year-old head of the village, Vyktor Maruniak, was kidnapped. It was a man’s Birthday, but because Russian troops invaded the village, he was helping the local population. The man said that he was driving food for children and the elderly, while his wife called him. She said that the occupiers had come to their house and waited for him.

The occupiers kidnapped Vyktor Maruniak and brought them to the captured hostel. There were many people. Russian invaders put everyone at the walls. Such as the way people slept and spent time between torture. Prisoners were not fed, only given tea in the morning.

The entire story here.

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