Which are the Best Cities for Families 2020? Where does Bucharest rank?

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A study conducted by Movinga reveals the cities with the best conditions for raising a family, according to data on city livability, family legislation and parent surveys.

Helsinki, Finland is the #1 city for families worldwide, due to generous Paid Parental Leave, high-quality Education, and excellent Healthcare. Quebec, Canada and Oslo, Norway rank #2 and #3 respectively.

The Finnish capital also scores highly for Family-Friendliness, ranking #2 after Oslo according to a survey that asked local parents to rate their city. Tokyo, Japan was likewise rated the best for Neighbourhood Safety.

Los Angeles, USA offers the highest number of Kids’ Activities, followed by New York and San Francisco. Singapore has the highest Education Score, followed by Calgary and Vancouver, Canada.

Unfortunately, the Romanian Capital, Bucharest​ ranks ​#134​ out of 150 for families worldwide.

This included essentials that affect city livability like housing, education, employment rates, and general affordability, as well as family legislation such as the amount of paid parental leave and whether a city is inclusive for same-sex parents.

It was important to include the opinions of the families who experience these cities themselves, so Movinga commissioned two surveys of parents in each location to gain a measurement of public sentiment towards them. The first survey asked parents to indicate how they felt about their children’s safety in the community, and the second if they believed that their city was a good place for families in general. Last by not least, the study analysed the attractiveness and breadth of a city’s family-oriented leisure activities.


The Top 10 Best Cities for Families

1. Helsinki​, Finland 2. Quebec​, Canada 3. Oslo​, Norway 4. Munich​, Germany 5. Copenhagen​, Denmark 6. Stockholm​, Sweden 7. Reykjavik​, Iceland 8. Calgary​, Canada 9. Montreal​, Canada 10. Gothenburg​, Sweden Bucharest, Romania ranks #134 out of 150.

However in a chart of the 10 cities with the most days of Paid Parental Leave, Bucharest comes fifth, with 887 days of paid parental leave.

1. Helsinki, Finland 2. Tallinn, Estonia 3. Bratislava, Slovak Republic 4. Budapest, Hungary 5. Bucharest, Romania 6. Sofia, Bulgaria 7. Tokyo, Japan 8. Osaka, Japan 9. Prague, Czechia 10. Oslo, Norway.

In the ranking of the cities with the highest Education Scores, Bucharest ranks #144 out of 150. The top ten cities in the world on education score are: 1. Singapore, Singapore 2. Calgary, Canada 3. Vancouver, Canada 4. Quebec, Canada 5. Montreal, Canada 6. Tokyo, Japan 7. Osaka, Japan 8. Tallinn, Estonia 9. Toronto, Canada 10. Ottawa, Canada.

Bucharest, Romania ranks #115 out of 150 among cities with the highest Kids’ Activities Scores.

In this globally-connected world, many people find themselves moving for study or work opportunities. However, for those who already have or are thinking of starting a family there are a myriad of factors to take into consideration,” says Marta Blanco Amez, VP of Marketing at Movinga. “From basic needs like finding the right doctors and schools, to more specific ones like childcare affordability and kids’ activities, moving a family requires a much greater deal of preparation. Whether for a short-term change or seeking a more permanent situation, it is our hope that this index can be used as a benchmark for families looking to make their next move.”

It’s interesting to note the vast differences in the amount paid parental leave granted across the countries in this study. A city may have great family infrastructure like education, healthcare and safety, but if the system doesn’t allow parents enough or any paid leave in order to spend time raising their children, it makes it very difficult for working parents to juggle work and family life,”  also says Marta Blanco Amez, adding that “It’s easy to see how this can be an incentive or deterrent for current or would-be parents who are considering making a move to a new city for work opportunities.”

According to the study, although ties to the national land and communities  play a big part in determining whether a location is the appropriate place to raise a family, however in the last decades some cities have shown impressive initiative in developing family infrastructure and increasing their family-friendliness. “Helsinki, for example, is known as a fun place to take children during the winter holiday period, however many may not be aware of the extensive government support systems available to local families. The aim of the study was to analyse and celebrate those cities that have made the effort to become great places for families to live, and also to offer examples to other global cities that are looking to improve,” ,”  the VP of Marketing at Movinga concluded.

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