Which are the cleanest cities in Romania? Where does Bucharest rank?


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Brasov, Oradea and Sfantu Gheorghe are considered the cleanest cities in Romania, according to Storia.ro survey, conducted in partenership with D&D Research. The survey reviewed the citizens’ perception on how clean are the cities and districts in the Romanian cities?

The ranking continues with Cluj-Napoca, Slobozia, Miercurea Ciuc, Pitesti, Targu-Jiu, Drobeta Turnu-Serverin and Targu Mures. Bucharest ranks 23rd in the general national top.

The least clean cities are Resita, Calarasi and Braila, and the black list continues with Satu Mare, Focsani, Galati si Alexandria, Zalau, Suceava and Bacau.

On historical regions, Transylvania is considered as the area boasting the highest level of cleaning, while Moldova ranks at the bottom.

The cleanest districts are Avantgarden, Răcădău and Centrul Civic in Brasov, followed by Aviatiei and Nicolae Grigorescu in Bucharest, Andrei Muresanu in Cluj and Pajura in Bucharest.

On the opposite side, the dirtiest districts are considered Florești from Cluj-Napoca, Moldoveni (Călărași), 3 Insule (Arad), Calea Caransebeșului (Reșița) and Ferentari (Bucharest), as well as Breștei (Craiova), Bereasca (Ploiești) and CET (Constanța).

Bucharesters reviewed their city as the 23rd cleanest city in Romania, which is not very promising for an European capital.

Over 35,000 Bucharesters analysed their districts, with the first three cleanest ones being Aviatiei, Nicolae Grigorescu and Pajura. Titan, Dămăroaia, Domenii, Băneasa and București Noi are also in top ten of the cleanest districts in the Romanian Capital.

Among the dirtiest districts there are Ferentari, Sălaj, Rahova, Gara de Nord, Ghencea, Drumul Taberei, Moșilor or Crângași.

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