Which are the Romanians’ hopes for 2021?

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Romanians tend more to search for a general change-for-the-better perspective in the new year and are more concerned with health by changing their life style, according to two surveys conducted by iZi market research agency.

What changed in the Romanians’ plans as against 2020?

2020 was more balanced as answers, but after the last year Romanians tend more to have a general outlook of change for the better, and they are also more concerned about their health status by changing their life style.

More precisely, in 2021, 37% of the respondents think of a change for the better (a better life, a better year, great ideas, etc) as against 23% in 2020. At the same time, in 2021, 21% of them consider changing their life style, compared to 18% in 2020.

Some of their plans remained constant, as both in 2020 and in 2021, 10% of the respondents want to travel more.

As for the improvement of the political situation (no corruption, no criminals in public offices), the surveys show that 16% of respondents are interested in these aspects this year, significantly less than last year (25%).

Personal plans, such as finishing studies, setting up a business, a better job, higher wages, are more temperate in 2021 (17%) compared to last year (24%).

73% of Romanians spent winter holidays at home, without guests

As we have already got used to the pandemic shaping our life style, the winter holidays this year could make no exception. Most of the respondents said they spent holidays at home, without guests (73%). Romanians over 54 were prevalent on this issue (83%).

83% of the inhabitants from the countryside intended to spend winter holidays at home, with no guests, compared to 67% city dwellers.

17% said they were staying home for Christmas and New Year but would welcome guests, while 14% were to visit their relatives or friends. In 2020, only 2% of the respondents had plans to go to the mountains.

6 in 10 Romanians cut their gifts budgets

 58% of respondents cut their budget for presents in 2020. Women tended more to make savings, with 62% of them saying they will cut the budget for presents, compared to 52% of men.

Yet, 38% sad they are to spend the same as in the previous years on presents and only 5% were willing to invest more money in gifts.

Holiday dinners with food from local producers

On average, Romanians bought food for the holiday dinners from two sources (Romanian products from the supermarket and foodstuff from local producers). According to the study, men were twice likely to buy international local products from the supermarket (41%), than women (20%).

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