Which European countries are most interested in saving the planet? Where does Romania rank?

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Climate activists such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough have generated an abundance of awareness when it comes to our planet’s conservation, a recent study has shown by ClearItWaste.co.uk. Though our impact may be small, many individuals around the world are increasingly invested in creating a greener environment for future generations.

After investigating environment-conscious related search volumes within Europe, SaveOnEnergy.com can now reveal the top 20 European nations, with Romania ranking 16th.

A total of nearly 284,000 searches are produced every month by the top 20 European countries, with the most searched for phrases being ‘sustainability’ (198,120 searches), ‘renewable energy’ (50,890 searches) and ‘eco-friendly’ (16,270 searches).

Citizens of The Netherlands are the most interested in saving our planet with 1.24 searches per 1,000 of the population. The UK ranks second with 1.01 searches per 1,000 citizens – that’s a massive 68,360 searches per month, while Austria comes third 0.96 searches a month per 1,000 population.

Sweden (0.91) and Germany (0.83) make fourth and fifth place with 9,180 and an incredible 69,880 monthly searches respectively!

Romania makes 0.16 eco searches per 1,000 people per month, ranking 16th in the top 20. With a population of 19,237,691, Romanians make 3,000 searches for each of the eco terms we studied on Google each month.

Romania’s most common eco searches include:

  • Sustainability – 1,700 searches per month

  • Renewable energy – 400 searches per month

  • Save the planet – 350 searches per month.

Read the entire survey here.


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