Which subway stations in Bucharest will be temporary closed for modernization?

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A month ago, Metrorex announced the changing of the pay gates in all subway stations, currently the company works to set the schedule for all stations in Bucharest, aiming not to close two neighbouring stations, Director General Marin Aldea said on Wednesday.

The upgrading of the nine stations with only one access entrance can be completed only by completely closing down each of them, in turns, for up to seven days.

The schedule includes the periods for closing the following subway stations: Pipera – July 15-21, Aurel Vlaicu – July 29-August 4, each of them registering about 30,000 passengers every day. The closing schedule for the following subway stations is to be announced by the end of the week: Pantelimon, Apărătorii Patriei, Costin Georgian, Dimitrie Leonida, Tineretului, Basarab and Constantin Brâncoveanu.

For some areas there are no transport alternatives on the surface, as the RATB fleet cannot cope with the demands.

The Metrorex chief has also announced that unique cards for RATB-Metrorex transport will be issued by the end of the month.

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