White armlet strike at Youth and Sports Ministry over low wage

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About 4,000 employees of the Youth and Sports Ministry were on white armlet strike on Thursday, complaining of low wage and inequities among the same staff categories. Employees also warn that they will collect signatures next week to start the general strike.

„The National Trade Union for Sports and Youth has repeatedly informed the ministry’s leadership that wage issues are serious and that solutions must be found to remove discrimination, as no delays are accepted anymore,” says the trade unionists of the ministry  in a press release.

They argue that the staff within the Youth and Sports Ministry has the lowest level of salary of all state employees in Romania.

They say that 705 of the salaries in the ministry mount to the net sum of RON 1,300. Besides, the people are not employed in a differentiated way according to their studies, positions, responsibilities, according to the complexity or seniority of their work and that no additional seniority bonus is granted. Weekend work or during legal holidays, or extra hours are not paid.

The trade union also complain that the raise of 25% for the coaches who have athletes in the national team is not granted anymore.

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