Who were the Romanians killed in Paris massacre?


Two Romanian nationals were killed in the massacre in Paris. Young couple Ciprian and Lăcrămioara were together for several years and had a one year and a half baby boy.

They were killed by the terrorists’ flight of bullets in the garden of La Belle Equipe bar in arrondissement 11 in Paris, where they were attending a birthday party.

Ciprian Calciu was 32 years old. He had come to France from Tulcea several years ago with his mother and his little brothers. Ciprian managed to set up a small business in Paris, which provided service for elevators.

While in France, he met Lăcrămioara Pop, who was coming from Maramures and was working in a restaurant. They formed a couple later on.

Their baby had been in his maternal grandmother’s care on the fatidic night of November 13, the same as Lacramioara’s 11yo daughter from a previous marriage.

Terrorists have killed 18 people at La Belle Equipe.

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