Wild boars ‘pay visit’ downtown Brasov city

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Several wild boars were spotted Monday evening downtown the city of Braşov (central Romania), and the gendarmes intervened to drive them out of the area. There were no incidents, and the gendarmes advise the residents and tourists not to approach the animals and not to feed them, digi24.ro informs.

According to the representatives of the Brasov Gendarmerie, Monday evening, a person called the emergency number 112 and announced the presence of a herd of boars in the Dobrogeanu Gherea and Molidului streets area in Braşov.

The gendarmes went to the indicated area and noticed five wild boars which have been thus driven away to the nearby forest without incidents.

“We inform the citizens of the municipality and not only, even the tourists in transit, that it is desirable to avoid any direct confrontation with the animals and to avoid the feeding of all wild animals,” the representatives of the Brasov Gendarmerie said.


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